Hello My name is Lisa Heiland and I am a soft sculpture artist. I design and create OOAK artist teddy bears and other animals. I live in lovely Amherst, Ohio which is where my studio is located also.

My company has had several names through the years, when I first started making and selling bears 25 years ago I shared a company name "Sweet Stuffings" with my best friend Sharee Dorsey and we made bears and Pigs mostly and sold them at local craft shows for $25 dollars, back then we didn't use Mohair just wool suiting for the bodies and muslin.

I took the plunge into mohair, changed my business name to "Leadbottom Bears". Still have this name in a way, just shortened it to give it a fresh name, which is how Lbbears was born!

I design my own patterns and use the best quality fabrics and supplies the suppliers have to offer. I love using all the latest techniques the artist are using today. I use a lot of doll eyes in my creations, gives them life! I also use pastels, epoxy clay, paints, leather, high quality faux fur, taxidermy claws the list goes on! I love what I do and I have so much passion in my creations, I hope it shows in every little face!


About lbbears

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